What links are needed for SEO promotion of the site?


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Jun 12, 2022
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What kind of links are necessary for SEO promotion of a website? Where to get safe and effective links​

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Do we need links to promote the site? Opinions are divided on this issue. Some people tend to argue that links do not work at all, but this is not entirely true.

Let's not get into that argument today. We assume that links are necessary in your niche, you are ready to use them, but you want to understand what kind of links are needed.
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Let's get to the bottom of this.
  • increase site trust;
  • accurate page promotion;
  • attracting the attention of the audience;
  • distribution of mentions of the site;
  • clicks on links.
At least one of these tasks will have to address both SEO-specialist and marketer.
The main question is: How do I get the right links?
There are several options.
  1. Crowd Marketing​

Crowd marketing is the process of interacting with a target audience on third-party online resources. It helps build a positive image of the company, increase the reach of the audience and influence seo by creating a natural link profile of the site.

Crowd marketing is a tool at the intersection of marketing and SEO.
The most important aspects of crowdfunding:
  • selection of traffic sites (no more than 30 days from the last post);
  • selection of active communities (determined by attendance, number of views and comments in the topic);
  • Relevance at the level of discussion (by region and topic).
Crowdlinks can be obtained in various ways:

1.By yourself​

The method is suitable for small business owners or individual experts, as it will help to save up to 60% of the budget. For independent work you will need certain skills in SEO and copywriting, and most importantly, a lot of free time.

2. Freelance​

A layer of crowdsourced marketers has formed in the CIS, who are ready to acquire links remotely. The advantages of this method of work are the communication directly with the performer and the relatively inexpensive cost of the work. The disadvantages are the lack of guarantees (since cooperation with freelancers is not supported by a contract) and the possibility of disruption of deadlines.

3. Inhaus​

Many entrepreneurs prefer to create a staff of crowdsourced marketers. This allows for maximum engagement and an increased level of control. But creating an internal department also has disadvantages:

  1. training (training courses, seminars);
  2. additional administrative costs (office rent, purchase of equipment, payment of wages);
  3. complexity of scaling (building a crowdfunding team is quite difficult and requires a hierarchical structure).

Where to buy links

You can buy quality links at: seostorm.pro
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