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Jun 12, 2022
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website promotion in 2022​

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For effective comprehensive online promotion of a website, online store, blog, webmasters use links. Competent link promotion allows you to raise the website ranking in search results, which increases the conversion rate and sales of goods or services. When buying links, it is important to check the quality of donor sites and evenly distribute links to the most popular pages of the online resource.

What is link promotion​

Promoting a website with links is the purchase or receipt of natural external links to the resource being promoted. 10-15 years ago, links had a lot of weight when ranking websites, bringing them to the top for the main keywords. But webmasters began to abuse link mass, buying a lot of links of different quality and only because of this rising to the first positions of natural search. As a result, users in the top were given resources with non-unique and irrelevant content. For these reasons, search engines have developed a number of algorithms that carefully sort out low-quality sites.

The search engines bing and Google began to actively use:​

  • Link ranking tool. Web resources are evaluated according to a number of link-building parameters. Internal and external links, the number of links, anchor and perlink texts, authority and thematicity of donor sites, etc. are analyzed.
  • Filters and imposition of sanctions. Under the filter are resources that use to promote a large amount of link mass, which is growing sharply or does not meet the requirements of search engines. For overspam links, the site may drop out of the index (go to the ban).

Types of links that are used to promote the site​

For the link promotion of the site are used:​

  • Natural links. The highest quality and most meaningful links in link ranking. These are links to the site posted by users on their social media pages, blogs and websites, sharing useful expert or entertaining content. Contests, raffles, sweepstakes and other promotions that involve sharing a link to the site can be conducted to obtain natural links.
  • Paid eternal links. Buying links on special exchanges. The links are placed in the texts of articles, in the footer or sidebar of the donor site. They are called eternal because they are placed for the entire lifetime of the donor resource.
  • Paid rental links. The purchase of links for a certain period. Many webmasters prefer to sell places for links for a short time - to constantly earn on this. But search engines are not very loyal to the links with a short placement period.
  • Free links. Placing links to the promoted site on free online resources - in free directories, forums, blogs. Free links can also be inserted in texts on social networking pages. For example, they can be placed in expert articles or posts about products.

Types of anchors​

When it is necessary to place many external links on the pages of a website, online store or portal, a whole list of anchors (anchor list) is selected. Anchor - is the text of a link that can be used to navigate to the internal pages of the site or a third-party online resource. Anchors with the same text should not be placed on the same site. Anchors must include popular keywords.

What anchors should be used:​

  • Direct (exact) occurrence of the query. It is a literal introduction of the phrase in the text. For example, the key "buy plastic windows" in the exact occurrence sounds exactly like that, without change.
  • Diluted occurrence of the query. The above example of the query is diluted with other words - "buy cheap plastic windows".
  • Morphological occurrence. This is a declension or conjugation of words from the key phrase - "buy plastic windows.
  • The use of synonyms and near-dark words (LSI words). Suitable variants are "buy plastic windows", "buy PVC windows", etc.
  • Mention of brand. A reference is the name of the company or brand itself.
  • Anchor without reference to the query. These are the words and phrases "here", "here", "at the link", "on the site," and so on.

To expand the list, you can use unanchored links that contain only the address of the web resource. Branded and unlinked links can be repeated. Anchor links are very desirable to make unique with each other, prescribing the anchor list with the number of unique anchors by the number of purchased links.

The principle of competent link promotion​

The main goal of link promotion is to increase the number of targeted visitors who click on links from other online resources or social networks. And it is not just the number of users that matters, but precisely those who are interested and have the opportunity to buy the product or service offered. That is why donors (sites that place links leading to your resource) are so carefully selected.

If a visitor to a website that specializes, for example, in cell phones, sees a link in the text about mobile devices and follows it to a site with stationery - he will simply leave the site immediately and lose trust in both the donor site and the recipient site (receiving links).

SEO-specialists need to consider these link ranking factors for search engines:
  • Quality content. These are unique texts that tell the visitor in detail and professionally about the properties and features of the products or services presented. Texts must also meet technical requirements (readability, optimum percentage of keywords, presence of near-dark words, minimum level of "water").
  • The presence of intelligent internal linking. Pages with useful articles are linked that lead to product cards (meaning related to the information page), to other sections of the catalog or the home page.
  • Quality external links. This is a natural buildup of link mass, leading from verified authoritative sites that promote products of similar or auxiliary direction. For example, a donor site for advertising a gym can be a resource that sells sports nutrition or exercise equipment. For the recipient site with children's toys donor can be an information portal on the topic of children and mothers.

Where to buy links

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