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Jun 12, 2022
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Promoting the site with articles​

Table of contents​

1 How does article promotion work?​

2 Stages of promotion with articles ?​

3 article promotion errors ?​

4 Advantages and disadvantages of article promotion ?​

How does article promotion work?​

Articles with links are placed on special sites, as a result of which weight is transferred, which will affect the position of certain keywords in the search engine results. When quality texts are placed on several dozens of sites, positions increase noticeably. The effectiveness largely depends on the selected keywords, trust sites, where articles are placed, so it is important to choose good donors, based on price/quality. The main purpose of article promotion is to show search engines that your resource is interesting to users.


Stages of promotion with articles​

For effective promotion of the site articles requires a lot of effort, time and money. The entire process can be divided into several stages.

Selection of keywords for articles.​

Select keywords on which you want to increase the position of the site in search results. This should be done immediately in the preparatory phase, so as to clearly know under what queries will be written articles and on what anchors should be transferred weight pages.

The selection of titles (subjects) for writing articles.​

All materials that you place, should be interesting to the user, so it is recommended to see what topics are best to write articles and what titles to use. The number of possible visitors who can go to your resource on the link from the material depends on this.

Writing materials.​

  • The text must be unique. This figure should be at least 90% according to different systems of checking for plagiarism.
  • Insert the keys in the article so that they look natural, surround them with arrays of text.
  • If you have a young site, use low- and cf-queries. Use no more than three links in the article. The optimum is 2 links in one piece.
  • Use subheadings, bulleted lists to make it easier for users to read.
  • If possible, insert pictures and videos in the article, so there is no continuous text.
  • The material should be free of errors (grammatical, punctuation, stylistic).

Site selection.​

This is one of the most important points, which will affect the further promotion of the resource. It is important to select only quality sites.

  1. The topic of the site where the article will be placed must coincide with the topic of your site or be close to it.
  2. It is important to have a site in Googl.
  3. The recommended TIC should be 20-40. The price for placement will also directly depend on this index.
  4. The closer to the muzzle of the page to place the article, the better.
  5. Need to choose sites with few purchased articles with links.
  6. Give preference to resources with high attendance. This is a guarantee of an additional influx of visitors to your site.
  7. If the site is rarely enough articles are posted, it is not recommended to publish their materials.
  8. Some sites place materials in archival directories. Try not to place articles on such sites.
  9. Check each donor through specialized services to see his trust, spamming, approximate attendance.
As a rule, the most common sites in exchanges for article promotion are those created specifically to sell space for articles, posts. If you have decided to look for donors with the help of such services, be sure to check the trust, look at the history of sites in the archive, read reviews, because some unscrupulous owners may place a link, and after some time it will be removed.

You can also contact the owners of sites with similar themes through forums for webmasters. They can find bargains, as people sell just a few places for placement, to make extra money. You can contact the owners of the sites directly, analyzing the first 20-30 sites in the search. But it takes much more time than working with link exchangers.

Placing articles. Do not order the placement of a large number of articles in one day. Distribute articles so that a month appeared approximately the same number of materials on different resources. If your links in the articles placed immediately for a few days, there is a chance to impose sanctions from search engines. Recently, algorithms to determine the unnatural link mass has changed a lot.

Typical errors:​

Saving on content. Copying articles from other sites or using synonymizers for uniqueness may lead to possible penalties from search engines.

Choosing only expensive or cheap donors. Price is not always an indication of the quality of a site, so donors should be carefully analyzed. Try to combine the expensive and cheap sites, looking for the golden mean.

Uneven publication of articles. Another common mistake of beginners - the publication of many articles with links in a short period of time. Spread the process over at least several months, so that link building looks more natural in the eyes of search engines.

Advantages and disadvantages of article promotion​

Article-by-article promotion has both advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to assess your capabilities before you start.


  1. The publication of articles with links on donor sites is effective for the promotion of young sites.
  2. Article promotion increases referral (due to the transition to the links that are placed in the text) and organic traffic (due to the development of link factors, the site will get higher positions).
  3. Promotion with the help of articles increases the authority of the site.


  1. Selection of keys, drawing up TOR, search and selection of performers for writing texts, sites for placement of articles takes a lot of time. This can also include a large expenditure in cash terms. Even if you write the material yourself, placement on the sites will cost you money.
  2. A posted article can quickly lose its uniqueness. Search engines know how to distinguish between primary sources, but it is not uncommon for copypaste to rank higher.

Thank you for your attention.​

I am the author of this article.
if you want to order the zarubezhlenie articles you can contact us by phone or pereti in the section of this forum with the service of placing articles by our team!

My contacts:​

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