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Jun 12, 2022
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Website Promotion - Crowd Links​

Website promotion is a multi-level process, one of the factors that ensure the result is links from forums and social networks. By improving the visibility of the site crowded links contribute to attracting additional traffic to the site for thematic queries, have a positive impact on the reputation of the site, are a source of additional information: reviews, opinions, recommendations of the product, services.

  • Crowd link - a link placed in the text of a review, review, or message on publicly available resources: - forums, blogs, sites. Distinguished by a natural textual and thematic environment. Increase confidence in the site and help attract traffic.

The peculiarity of crowd marketing:​

When promoting a site with links - it is important to form an extended link profile. One of the ways to get natural external links is manual link placement by the webmaster. Unlike purchased, rented and eternal links, crowdsourced links are natural in nature and are an alternative to commercial links. Google and Yandex have long identified buy links, as have sites that sell them. Links placed on forums (just the name of the site) look more natural than rented links.

The benefits of promotion:​

Naturalness, is not perceived as advertising, but as a user's opinion.
  • Additional conversions to the site
  • Increases brand awareness of the company
  • No rental fee (eternal link)
  • Positively affects the ranking of the site.

Disadvantages of promoting websites crowdsourced links:​

  • Instability of the donor's site.
  • Requires a large number, since some of the pages of the forum will not be indexed.
  • The quality of the site can greatly change for the worse (spamming)
  • Link can be removed, blocked, at the discretion of the moderator.
  • High labor intensity: you need to register on the forum, prepare an article/feedback, select sites with a target audience.
  • Differently indexed, especially large and old forums up to 3 months Google.

The peculiarity of links​

  • You need to post comments in advance of the high season.
  • The content on the page to which the link leads should cover the topic.
  • Need to be careful with reviews, optimally in a positively neutral way.
  • Not recommended for SEO "promotion by words" (as a rental link).
  • Lack of pre-prepared base of sites, a lot of work is done individually.

The effectiveness of crowdsourced links​

  • Using a comprehensive approach to promoting the site, online store - advertising in forums and social networks, along with competent content, clearly generated proposals - will bear fruit.
Of course you should not expect quick results - everything takes time.
The work done will have a positive impact not only on the ranking of the site, will be an additional source of information in the decision of the visitor.


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