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Jun 12, 2022
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The standard algorithm for promoting the site with text materials looks like this:​

Selecting semantics​

The semantic core is the foundation of any website. Writing articles about something you "just wanted to tell" is a pointless waste of time, money, and effort. Unless, of course, we are talking about an untwisted site with already established traffic.

For the successful promotion of the site articles must, above all, to collect all possible queries. Here's how to collect the semantic core:

We start with the selection of markers​

Markers are words or phrases that most generally reflect the content of a particular page. In fact, it is its header H1. One page may have several markers.

Markers can be collected manually (if the site is small) or you can use one of the following programs: Screaming Frog, Netpeak Spider. These programs bypass all pages of the web resource and export all H1 headers in a user-friendly format.

Conducting query clustering​

Clustering is a grouping of keys on a particular attribute. For example, the keys "buy luxury watches", "luxury watches from Switzerland", "expensive luxury watches" are combined with a common key "luxury watches".

The main task of clustering - to bring users who are looking for the same type of objects on your page. This phase of the work can be done using an Excel spreadsheet (you have to fill it out manually) or services Serpstat, KeyAssort or TopSite (they automate the process).

Expanding the headlines.​

To do this, use the intents (consumer needs) and expanding words. For example, all the same query "luxury watches" can be expanded to "pawnshop luxury watches," "buy back luxury watches," "luxury brands of watches," etc. In this case, it is important that the resulting headings correspond to the subject of your site.

To expand the headlines, look at competitors' sites - they "prompt" you a lot of interesting ideas.

Grouping queries by frequency​

Your task is to collect medium and low-frequency keys for the SEO promotion of the site.
Low-frequency keys show up to 100 times a month, and medium-frequency - up to 1000. In unpopular topics, these parameters increase to 1000 and 5000 respectively.

It is on low- and medium-frequency queries you will subsequently write articles to attract users to the site

We know exactly how to increase online sales​

We apply the best practices of digital-promotion both from your topic and from related areas of business. This is what will make you a head above the competition and bring you leads and sales.
Write to our service StormSEO and we will do everything for you!

Content Generation​

Once you have prepared the lists of keys for your publications, you can move on to the actual writing of the texts. This work is done by a copywriter. Often copywriters look for work in thematic groups of social networks, freelance sites.
When choosing an author for articles, focus on the following:
  1. Availability of a portfolio. Ideally, it should contain texts on your topic.
  2. Customer reviews. On content exchanges and freelance sites there are entire sections with reviews - do not be lazy to study them.
  3. As an example you can read our reviews on this site: StormSEO
Talk to the candidate of your choice. Find out what projects he or she has worked on, what topics he or she finds most interesting, and what he or she considers an expert in. You can tell from a person's answers that he or she is literate, responsible, and professionally experienced.

You can choose not one, but several authors. After you receive the first texts from them, you will see with whom it is worth continuing cooperation, and who is clearly not suitable for your purposes

Placement of articles​

Ready-made texts need to be optimized and formatted. First of all, write the meta tags:

1. Title - the title of the publication in search results. It should be unique and very small (up to 50 characters with spaces, although there is no strict length limit, but the visible part in search results - it is 50 characters).

2. Description - a brief description of the page. Its optimal length is 150 characters with spaces.

Analysis and refinement of articles on the website​

Placing the text is not the last stage of working with it. The finished material should be finalized on the basis of analytics.

To do this, use GooglMetrics. Bind the site to Webmaster and start indexing pages.

In particular, you will get a list of additional queries that are not in the semantic core. Add them to your texts to attract even more users.

Posting articles on third-party sites​

The main task of posting texts on other sites is to bring additional traffic, build link mass, show search engines that users are interested in your site, you are an expert in your field. The whole secret is that a link (or several links) to your site is organically integrated into the structure of the publication.
Here are the main rules for posting articles on third-party resources:
  • Publications must be unique. It is unacceptable to post the same material on several sites.
  • The text is written strictly for the selected site. Each site has its own requirements for the volume of articles, the number of links!
  • Do not put a lot of texts at once. It is better to publish materials gradually - so you avoid the "link explosion", which is fraught with serious consequences for the advanced site.
Where to post content? Of course, you can choose one of the exchangers, where the placement, as a rule, does not cause much difficulty, but we advise you to select the site manually, contact the webmaster or the editorial board of the site and negotiate about the placement directly. By the way, if your material is really useful and you are an expert in your business, many sites are happy to place the article as a guest post, it will be completely free for you

Promoting the site with articles requires certain costs, both time and money. But with competent implementation it gives really valuable results: increases the authority of the site, provides an increase in organic and referral traffic, leads to a large number of new customers.

I am the author of this article, and I would be very happy to hear your comments.
Our company will help you to promote your site!

My contacts:​

E-mail: [email protected]

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