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Jun 12, 2022
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  1. The relevance of the promotion articles: is it worth the trouble?
  2. At what point to start article promotion?
  3. How it works: 6 stages of article promotion
  4. Ways to promote the site articles
  5. How to find a site to post articles?

The easiest way to promote the site articles is to order the professionals​

is the best option to order the promotion of the site articles from the company StormSEO!

Article promotion is the safest way to get backlinks. With a well-written and correctly placed article, you can successfully move pages to the top, increase the number of visitors and improve search engine rankings.

Here is a quick guide on how to promote your site with the help of articles.

The relevance of article promotion: is it worth doing?​

Article promotion is the publication of informational materials with direct links from external sources to the site being promoted. Inside the text there are contextual links that look organic, while not arousing suspicion among search engines - Google and others.

This method of promotion is the least dangerous method of external optimization: it looks natural and organic, the resulting links are transparent to search engines, you can control their placement. In addition, promotion with articles carefully increases the link mass, while attracting the target audience. This, in turn, leads to an increasing confidence of search engines, and as a consequence, higher positions in extradition.

At what point to start promoting articles?​

Before you start the process of promoting the site with articles, you need to carry out internal optimization. This in the future will play into the hands and reduce the percentage of bounces, as well as increase the time for which the visitor will stay on the site. That is, behavioral factors will become better as a result, and this is useful for the successful ranking of the site. Perhaps the clearest indicator of readiness for article promotion, the presence of a site in the top hundred according to search engines.

How it works: the stages of article promotion​

1. Collecting the semantic core​

A semantic kernel is a set of words and phrases that gives a clear description of your company. Successfully collected kernel - one of the aspects of getting to the top of search results.

Queries can be collected manually or use special services. It is worth paying attention to the following points:
  • Select the marker words. Usually categories, headings, sections..;
  • Examine competing sites: you might have missed an important query. This is where comes in;
  • Conduct a syntactic analysis of queries (parsing). Use competitors' markers to start collecting the semantic core
  • Clean up the semantic core of untargeted queries;

2. Keyword order​

In the promotion of articles to focus on the keys that are used as the text link (anchors). In addition, the text itself is also worth matching the semantic core.
Dilute the keys to the anchors. What we mean: you have two links planned in your article. One of them should be with the key, and the second without it

3. Editing an article​

Accepted immediately ready-made text, as they say, without looking, do not ever. Before accepting the work, you need to check the uniqueness, as well as examine the other parameters stated in the terms of reference. After that, check the content of the article. The text should be to the point, without unnecessary water and contain reliable information.

If the text does not meet your requirements, then feel free to send it for revision. However, it is worth considering the nature of the author's remarks: some mistakes are easier and faster to correct yourself, such as minor punctuation, grammar or typos.

Ways to promote the site with articles​

So, you have decided to promote the site with the help of articles. What method to choose and what are they?

1. Copywriting. This is original in structure and content of the author's texts. Borrowed in this case can only be terms. The author writes the text from scratch, studying different sources of information. Note that copywriting is the most effective tool for promotion. Such texts are liked by both readers and search engines, and this increases the chances of attracting loyal visitors. With the obvious advantages of this method, there are also disadvantages - the price and the difficulty of finding a good writer.

2. Rewriting. This rewriting of ready-made text with a high percentage of uniqueness. This option is cheaper, but may have a negative impact on the visitors: they will not find new information and will quickly leave the portal, never clicking on the link.

3. Translation. It is considered to be an ambiguous method: it may come out even more expensive than the text from the copywriter. Self-translation, for example, using an online translator, is not only of low quality, but then requires extensive editing.

4. Copypaste. Full copying of text from other sites. This method does not promote your resource and because of him can get under search engine filters or in court for using someone else's data without permission.

5. StormSEO pass all this work to a professional group of specialists in website promotion and earn money, this company once a month provides a report of their work, and they know what they do!

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