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Jun 12, 2022
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Article promotion is certainly one of the most effective strategies in SEO. With its help, you can promote a page to the top, attract new users, increase the depth of view and reduce the bounce rate. At the same time, the effect achieved can be quite long lasting. We tell you how to use article promotion to get the most out of your site.


Essence of the method

Website promotion with articles is the creation of high-quality and unique publications, sharpened to the interests of the target audience and optimized for relevant search queries. Content is placed on the promoted site and allows readers to solve specific problems - to find the necessary information, to get answers to their questions, to make sure that the selected company is an expert. Do not underestimate thematic traffic, it helps to significantly expand the reach of your audience.

The algorithm for article promotion requires mandatory optimization of content. The texts should have keywords that match the specific topic, as well as synonyms for them. In this case, the robots of Google will raise the site in issuance on the right request, and the target audience will be able to find it among other sites.

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What should be articles for SEO promotion​

A few years ago it was enough to place a lot of keywords on the page to bring the site into the top 10.
And often they were spammed - there was no special need to create high-quality, informative texts.

Today, search robots use a fundamentally different algorithm. They estimate behavioral factors:
how much time a user spends on the site, what pages he looks at, with which it leaves.
To "like" search engines, you need to like, above all, your potential readers.

Based on this, you can make a list of mandatory characteristics of the right article to promote your site:
  • Informativeness. The visitor must find answers to the questions with which he came to your site.
  • Uniqueness. Use articles from other sites - not allowed. Each text must be written specifically for the site being promoted.
  • Structured. It is important that the material is divided into logical blocks with subheadings. A structured text is easier to read. It makes it easier to find the information you need.
  • Visual design. Textual content should be supplemented with appropriate graphic elements. Well-designed material looks more attractive from the reader's point of view.
  • Competent SEO optimization. Keyword density should be 3-7%. Page with this indicator will be considered relevant to the query for which it was optimized.

How many texts do you need to write?​

In order for SEO promotion of the site articles gave a really noticeable results, you need to publish new materials on a regular basis. It's hard to say exactly how many - 10, 20 or 30 articles per month. But the more the better - it's obvious.

The volume of publications is especially important in the early stages of promotion, when your site is just "trying to make a statement.

Search engine robots like dynamically developing resources. If they see the same picture when they visit the pages of your site, then over time they will begin to go to him less and less often. The site's position in search engine rankings will shift downward, giving way to more active sites that regularly update content.

This is why filling your site is not a one-time measure, but an ongoing process. As long as you keep publishing new content, search engine crawlers visit your site's pages, rank them highly in search results, bring in visitors - and the site "lives. To keep this process going, you need to generate at least 10-20 publications per month.

Article size​

Google does not give clear guidelines on the length of published content. They emphasize that they rank texts of all sizes, from 50,000-word longreads to product cards with 150-character descriptions.

However, each search engine has its own "preferences. For example, word-hungry Google better accepts longreads - large publications in blog format.

A compromise variant looks like this: 1500-2000 characters for pages that present goods or services, and 5000-12000 characters for informational publications. All this is provided that the material is interesting for readers, well structured and optimized for relevant queries.

Thank you for your attention.​

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