Promoting your site with articles: tips that will help you get traffic for years


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Jun 12, 2022
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Website promotion with articles

- one of the effective methods, which allows you to get weighty external links for your site.
The placement of quality materials on wisely chosen third-party sites gives the very natural links that search engines value so much.
They are not bought; they are surrounded by thematic content, and if the articles are also interesting, expert, motivational - they will be clicked on.
And that's a serious plus to your site's karma.

The first is unique content,​

written for people, fully disclosing the stated topic or answering the user's question. Today, search engines are willing to show users useful, expert articles first and foremost.

The second - it is a quality site,​

because not all articles posted on third-party resources are equally useful. If the resource does not correspond to the subject of your site or has long turned into a mess of articles on hundreds of topics - there is no point in dealing with it. Let's talk about this in more detail...

Tasks of promoting the site with articles​

First, let's deal with the tasks that solves the site promotion articles. And they are several:
  1. Building link mass and the formation of a positive and weighty external link profile of the site. With article promotion of a site with quality content, there is no "link explosion" effect that accompanies the placement of purchased links - the search engines will appreciate it.
  2. Growth of site authority. The higher this indicator, the better ranked and more active your site is displayed.
  3. Increasing the position of the site in extradition. When a site is referenced by large, age-old, respected resources, it becomes easier for even a young site to break through to the top lines of the organic output.
  4. Building your company's reputation as an expert in its business. In-depth analytical materials, unexpected reviews, acutely topical recommendations, live interviews, posted on third-party platforms, form a convincing image of an expert company.
  5. Increase traffic to your site. Promotion with the best quality articles will bring thematic traffic to your site, which is easier to convert into buyers. Also website promotion with articles allows you to successfully promote dozens (depends on the number of written articles) of promising queries at once.
  6. Sales growth. Promoting your site with news and articles is not directly aimed at increasing sales; the content you will post on third-party resources will often not be blatantly salesy, but deeply informative. Nevertheless, increased audience loyalty (rest assured: people see and appreciate useful information) eventually leads to increased buying activity.
Article-by-article promotion of the site does not bring results "right now". But he will definitely appear in 2-3 months, and if you keep working, the result will be more and more noticeable.

Promotion of the site articles: where to start?​

  1. Article Catalogs
  2. Blog systems (organized like "Live Magazine) and individual blogs
  3. News portals
  4. directories
  5. Internet media
  6. Web-sites with narrow subject (culinary for a seller of flour and yeast; web-site about metallurgy for a company producing rolled metal products; web-site about marketing for a promotion service agency)
Do not spare time on the selection of sites: after all, this directly affects the effectiveness of site promotion articles

Promotion of articles: how much and where to order?​

The price of articles for website promotion can be very different. If you have enough competence and free time, you can do article promotion on your own, and then it will be free for you.

The most expensive, but often the most rational solution, is to order website promotion with articles at StormSEO agency.
In StormSEO agency several specialists work on the article, starting from the marketing and SEO-specialist (they set the task) and ending with the editor and proofreader, who will not admit factual, logical and spelling mistakes.
StormSEO agency makes absolutely specific commitments and is responsible (including financially) for their non-fulfillment.
The agency can do the whole cycle of promotion with the best articles, selecting the sites, themes, formats and keywords for each article independently. The agency also does all the work with the authors-writers.
The price of promotion of the site articles in this case starts from 500 usd

If you just want to order a lot of articles write to me and I'll do everything ))))​

My contacts:​

E-mail: [email protected]

Link to StormSEO services:
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