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Jun 12, 2022
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Article promotion of the site
- an effective method of promotion, which remains relevant for a long time. With the help of articles can go to the top for many queries, but it is a costly method of promotion

With the help of promotion articles can be achieved several goals:
  • Attracting new visitors and increasing the loyalty of your existing base is content marketing;
  • Increase the reach of the niche and the number of keys in the top - a search engine optimization site;
  • Get quality incoming links by posting good texts on third-party resources - link building.

Content marketing - promoting the site with articles​

Content marketing is the creation and publication of content that helps your customers solve their problems. This can be product reviews, tutorials, comparisons, problem-solving guides, and the like.

Content marketing is not literally Internet marketing. You are not tasked with praising your own company or brand. The goal is to gain the trust of potential customers with high-quality texts.

You can publish materials not only on the corporate site. You can blog on a separate site or online platform, publish texts on social networks, or send them to subscribers by mail.

Regular publication of thematic quality materials will increase brand awareness, gather a loyal audience and have an impact on sales.

Placement of articles for SEO-optimization of the site​

Writing high-quality SEO texts will allow you to fill your site with content, increase the number of pages and expand the reach of your semantic core. There are a number of requirements for SEO publications:​

  1. High uniqueness - 95-100%;
  2. Correct SEO markup of the text structure; No overspam;
  3. The volume of 300 words for commercial texts;
  4. The volume of 450 words for informational articles.
Sales texts are a commercial proposal. As part of the proposal you need to write what is offered to the client, how much it will cost, what benefits he will receive.

As part of the informational texts need to answer popular questions from visitors to the site. Order thematic articles for the site with the publication you can have with us.

Promoting with articles to get inbound links​

Google's site crawling calculates the weight that is transferred between sites through links. The result of the calculation is the PR. These numbers can affect a site's position in the rankings.

It is possible to get an incoming link from an article on another site for a fee or for free. You can buy a link directly from the webmaster of the site you are interested in, or on specialized exchanges.

You can place the article with a link for free on some of the sites and directories. Try to write an article for a third-party resource of the same quality as for your own for maximum effect.

The more interesting the article will be to the users of the site, the more hits on your site will be. Links on which users go, have a better effect than inactive ones.

Thank you for your attention.​

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