Promoting the site articles - how does it work?


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Jun 12, 2022
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Promoting the site articles​

There are different SEO strategies that can be used for a website. One of the most effective ways is article promotion.
With a competent approach, it provides an excellent result in the form of increased traffic and position growth.
Moreover, the effect can be quite fast and, at the same time, long-lasting.

What is it for and what is it for?​

Article promotion is a type of content marketing. The method is to create high-quality publications optimized for search queries and place them on your own site.

The quality of materials is understood as their usefulness, informativeness, ease of perception. They should solve the actual problems of users, to answer their questions. At the same time it is necessary to give exhaustive answers and observe the necessary level of expertise.

An important component of the method - search engine optimization articles. Popular keywords are used in the texts, primarily of the informational type. They allow you to attract traffic and are especially effective in niches with high competition for commercial queries.
  • Basic principles of the method:
  • articles should be useful and informative;
  • be sure to use search terms;
  • there should be a lot of publications.
Article promotion works only if you create a large number of materials over a certain period. The exact number depends on the budget, but it is desirable to generate at least 10-20 publications per month. This is especially important at the initial stage of promotion, when the site needs to "declare itself" on the Internet.

What to write about?​

To achieve the desired results of promotion, you need to touch on the most relevant topics, to raise pressing issues.
It is necessary to write about what is of interest to users right now.

Generating a content plan (a list of topics for writing materials) is an interesting and creative process. It is possible (and desirable) to involve specialists, experts in a particular field, business executives, and account managers.

If you collect an array of information, you can get a long list of topics to cover. But first we should relate them to the statistics of search queries from the Internet.

Search engine optimization articles​

The goal of article promotion is to attract as much traffic to the site as possible. Growth in attendance has a positive effect on positions in Google search results. Therefore, you should use the most popular topics - topics of interest to as many people as possible.

On the Internet the popularity of a subject is "measured" by the number of queries, i.e. phrases, typed by users in search line. To promote, you need the most frequently used words and phrases.

The easiest way to determine the popularity of topics (phrases) is the free Google service. It is available to everyone at It is elementary to use it: enter the phrase of interest and get all the variants of its use with the number of queries per month.

How to use search terms​

When creating articles, it's important to avoid the common mistake of publishing texts for the sake of keywords. Today, SEO-texts as they used to be understood do not work. On every subject on the Internet there are at least a dozen articles with the same keywords. Often they are tracing from each other.

The task of article promotion is to generate high-quality content that exceeds in content and form all that has been done before. Therefore we create materials exclusively "for people". But we do not forget about the key phrases.

It is good when you can fit the keys naturally:
  • the title of the article;
  • first paragraph of the text;
  • subheading;
  • anywhere in the text .
If you just want to order a lot of articles write to me and I'll do everything ))))

My contacts:​

E-mail: [email protected]

Link to StormSEO services:
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