Promoting sites with natural links: how does it work?


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Jun 12, 2022
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Promoting sites with natural links​

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In this article we will talk in detail about the method of promoting sites with natural links. How it works, for which projects it is suitable and how to use it. We will share the main ways of getting organic links on the Internet, including for free.

What are natural links and what are they for?​

Natural links are links that appear on the site on their own without the participation of the resource owner. For example, a person likes an article you wrote and links to it on his blog or social network.

Search engines consider such links as recommendations and value them more than paid SEO-links, which the owner can buy for money in any quantity.

This is a strict definition of the term. Understandably, webmasters are interested in increasing the number of mentions on the Internet that search engines will label as natural. Even if money was paid for them.

Therefore, in terms of SEO, any link that is perceived by search engines as natural is organic. Even if in fact it was put by the owner of the resource.

Signs of naturalness of links​

  • They are inside the content and correspond to its subject. For example, in an article about site promotion they link to services for taking down positions. They may also be placed in posts on forums and blogs and in the comments below the content.
  • The anchor contains the URL or the name of the site, and, less frequently, commercial requests.
  • They do not have UTM tags and are not closed with the nofollow attribute.
  • Are originally in the content and not added later.
  • Related to the theme of the donor.
  • Placed by real users, not bots.
  • Less likely to "blink" (appear and disappear).
  • Are not within the content, which is marked as sponsored or advertising.

Promotion of the site natural links: a description of the method​

The essence of technology - to use to build up link mass primarily organic links.
  1. The promotion of natural links begins with the definition of sites on which you can place your materials. For example, looking for profile forums, communities, groups on social networks, blogs, information sites.
  2. Each site is analyzed and a plan is made to get a link from it. For example, on some forums you can talk for a while and then organically leave a link in a suitable topic. On other sites you can buy a review through or other service. On others, it is possible to post custom articles or free guest posts.
  3. We create content for each site. For example, if the donor has agreed to add a guest post with a link, then write a high-quality article and send it to the partner.

When promoting natural links, you need to follow the rules:​

  1. Growth of link mass should be gradual. You should not allow for sudden jumps. For example, if you are promoting a young site, you can add to it 10-15 links per month.
  2. Try to place interesting content on your project, which will be referred to by real users. To do this, use the method of content marketing.
  3. Don't forget to work on other factors that are important to bing and Google: optimization, commercial factors, and others.

Where to order quality links to your site?​

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