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Jun 12, 2022
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An ordinary link in the context of search engine optimization, acts as a tool to redirect the browser to the home or internal page of the site being promoted. Links looks like part of the text information or stands alone, representing a graphical object - a banner. Most often, a text link in HTML format is immediately highlighted in the text of its color, size, font or underline. Any graphic object placed on the page is often a link, because few webmasters, can afford to put a three-dimensional image, which will not bring in additional revenue. Crowd-marketing you can order on the site:

The relationship between links and search engines​

  • The greatest development of link promotion was in the second half of the 90's with the advent of search engines, it was a kind of breakthrough and contributed to the emergence of optimization in general. Initially, links did not carry any weight until search engine algorithms appeared, which began to deduce in the top search sites that had the largest number of external links.

  • To better understand how such promotion works, you should imagine the following situation. Optimizer takes to promote the site A. Search engines, using their algorithms are beginning to comb the expanses of the Internet and if they find a mention of the site A, B, C, D, then he was assigned a higher ranking than he could get without additional, that is - external links. Further, with varying success, works the following truth: the more external links lead to the promoted site - the higher its rating. However, over time, links have their own weight, which is also taken into account during the assignment of the resource rating.

  • An example is the site on which the links will be placed. The higher its rating in the "eyes" of search engines, the greater the weight received by the external link, and, accordingly, the rating of the promoted resource will grow much faster. Simply put, beginning with the optimization of the webmaster should make a careful selection of sites where it will get his link. For example, in any case should not place external links to pornographic resources, forums, extremist and the like. Often they are in the blacklisted by search engines and may serve as bad publicity for the promoted product.


Nowadays, the promotion of sites through link mass, has become more than just a tool for optimization, but also a good way to make money. Everything happens as follows: there are webmasters, who for a fee place links optimizers on their resources. The final amount of the deal depends on the quality of the site and the duration of external links placed on it.

Another and cheaper way to promote are links exchangers - they have their own site where the exchange of reference mass for all the same separate fee. For search engines, this kind of business is improper, and at every opportunity, they try to stop it. In this case, the optimizer should act very prudently, without distributing links to your resource anywhere. It is necessary to avoid the so-called "linkopoymoyki", which may have a negative impact on the dynamics of rating growth.

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