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Jun 12, 2022
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How to promote the site articles?​

Promoting your site with articles is the most effective way to promote your resource in search engines. This method is to write a thematic article using the right keywords and setting up links to your resource.

The finished article is placed on information resources, blogs and other sites similar to your topic. The effectiveness of this method lies in the weight of links from the placed articles. Since the text around the link and the link itself belongs to a homogeneous subject, the link carries more weight and increases the trust of your site

With what to start promoting the site articles?​

The first thing is to write an article. If you are an experienced writer, or, in modern terms, a copywriter, then it will not be difficult for you to write it yourself. If you are not one of them, you can order articles on content exchanges. When ordering an article, you need to specify the title of the article, the topic, the number of characters and keywords, which will be the anchors of links to your site.

Another way to get an article is to do it yourself or to order the rewrite text. Rewriting - is a simple statement of the text in your own words, that is, you take an existing article and rewrite it in your own way.

When the article is in your hands, you should provide it with links. We make the keywords in the text as outgoing links. For greater effect, it is desirable not more than two links from the article, usually one on the main page and one on the inner page of the site. You can also put links to two different sites with the same subjects, but no more. So, the article is ready for placement.

Where to post an article?​

First of all, you should search for web-sites where to place your articles. To the choice of site should take extremely seriously! Subject area should be similar to yours. This will increase the flow of the target audience of your site. It also makes sense to choose a site with good PR, since the link from such resources will transfer some of the weight of the resource to your site, respectively, part of the PR will go to your pocket.

Where to look for sites for articles?​

Sites for articles can be found on the forum about search engines. There are often offered good sites for placement of articles on various topics at affordable prices.

You can also use special services,​

As StormSEO which will help to find potential sites for articles plus they will do everything themselves. these services will help you to properly increase the link mass to your site. Usually articles are placed on the site for all the time of this site, that is, for all the time of the resource.

Article directories​

Other resources where you can place an article are article directories. They do not require a backlink, help promote the site for low and medium-frequency queries, contribute to PR. In the article directory article and links are added once and for all.

If you plan to add articles to directories on their own, then prepare a database of article directories, you can buy or collect yourself. You will also need articles. And as there are many article directories, uniquely written articles on all do not type, we will have to resort to the services of copywriters and multiply your existing article.

It is important to tell the writer all the details of the order at once: the required number of articles in the output, the necessary html-tags, whether to generate the titles of articles and insert links, their number per article, whether to declined text links to improve naturalness, and other requirements. Try not to generate more than sixty articles from the original, otherwise there will be problems with uniqueness and search engines will glue non-unique articles, and links from them will lose all weight, and therefore the meaning.

Another way to place articles in directories will order a run at a professional. The pros of this method will be database directories, they will certainly be updated, cleaned and supplemented progonschiki. Just do not have to spend time on the driving itself, and some prohonchiki even multiply (rerayt) themselves your original article text, post links and anchors, most importantly, to give them the keywords. You can look for progonschikov on this forum or other forums, in the section SEO services.
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Where to post an article for free?​

You can place an article for free in article directories. If the article is of high quality and relevance, then perhaps it will want to place a resource other webmasters.

Also, there are many sites that provide space for articles of certain subjects. And if there is a question where you can place an article for free, then ask your search engine and it will give you a list of sites that make that offer, perhaps there will be your topic.

Tips for website promotion articles:​

  • Do not publish a large number of articles in one day, it may raise the suspicion of search engines and let them know that the articles are bought. Try to post one article per day.
  • Articles should be placed only on trust resources, close to the subject of your site.
  • The published article must be unique and written without errors. The volume of the article must be no less than 2500 characters. The article is allowed a maximum of two links. Links should lead to different pages.
  • The article should be written for specific queries. It must contain keywords and their synonyms.

Thank you for your attention.​

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