Crowdlinks and SEO. Why is it not as easy as it seems?


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Jun 12, 2022
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Crowdlinks and SEO.​

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Crowdlinks are links from places where they are likely to be left by live users. These can be forum threads, social networking tracks, feedback sections, bulletin boards, and other sites where communication takes place. Such links have always been given attention in global crowdfunding - they help improve brand recognition, create a positive opinion of products and services, and help build customer loyalty. But lately crowdfunding has been more often discussed in the context of search engine promotion. On the wave of tightening of the fight against link spam, they have become a mandatory element in the build-up of link mass.


What tasks are solved by crowdsourced links?​

Attracting targeted traffic. Like any links, crowds bring users to the site. But a link profile built solely on such links, no matter what they say, will not give as stable traffic as the same commercial links. But crowds are better at reaching the target audience and converting into revenue, they are more trusted by users and less hostile to search algorithms.

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. This is what we mentioned above: crowdfunding allows you to take full advantage of live communication with your target audience. Proper work with links on forums and other thematic platforms increases sales, builds a circle of loyal audience, and helps resolve reputational crises.

"Warming up" a young site. After launching, each project goes into the sandbox. How long it will spend there, and what results it will leave with - it largely depends on the SEO work that has been done with the young site. Competent provision of external crowdsourced links is an effective strategy for supporting a resource with zero link mass. In contrast to the purchased anchor and unsynchronous counterparts, these links are safer: the probability of falling under the anti-link filter is very low. Thus, sites warmed up by Crowd, more quickly leave the sandbox and already at the start have the foundation, which helps to actively build up trust.

Minimizing risks when using commercial links. Because crowdsource generates the most natural link mass possible and does not pose a serious threat to search algorithms, its role is indispensable as a stabilizing component. Diluting with such links frankly commercial anchor and, to a lesser extent, unanchored links, allows you to shade their effect and reinsure against the possible imposition of filters.

Thus, the role of crowdfunding in the search engine promotion of sites is mostly auxiliary. It is unable to fully replace commercial links, but it is a mechanism that enhances the effect of the entire link building process and reduces the risk of anti-link filtering. That is why we always pay special attention to crowdfunding, including it in our standard SEO packages.

Where to place crowd-links?​

Without going into details, all Internet sites with the possibility of open commenting are suitable for placing crowds. In part, we listed them above - these are thematic forums, reviews, message boards, social networking tracks, question-answer services, directories, etc. But if we're talking about SEO - for search engines, the value of an external link from a particular donor site has different weight.

Practice shows that crowds are best quoted on thematic forums with a more or less clean link profile. We are talking about sites where moderation monitors the quality of the links left and does not allow their forum to turn into a link dump. Placement on such resources is more difficult, because there is a high probability that the link will be removed by the moderators, but it is here crowdsource will bring the most benefit to your site. Again, this is purely a matter of SEO. Attracting direct traffic, increasing brand awareness, or promoting a product is a different story.

Question-and-answer services are another effective type of donor for placing free crowdsourced links. When linking to such sites, the quality of your comment is of great importance. If you give a useful and thorough answer, establishing yourself as an expert on a particular topic, the reader is more likely to follow the link to the site. Such a promotion strategy requires time and resources that have to be spent on writing really useful posts. If you simply post a comment in a branch along the lines of "read the answer here," it is possible that such a link will only increase the bounce rate and harm the behavioral factors of your site.

The subtleties of using crowds for different sites​

Above we had time to briefly talk about what tasks search engine promotion solves crowds, now we would like to touch more practical aspects of its application.

Integrated SEO is always a work with links of different levels. For adult sites, anchor and unsanctioned links, for all their potential danger, are the basis of external promotion. To dilute this potentially dangerous link mass - use crowds. He shades the effect of frankly commercial occurrences and makes the overall reference profile more natural for search robots.

For adult sites, the optimal scheme in terms of efficiency and safety is link building, when one placed anchor link has five or six unanchored structures, put on different sites, donors. It is desirable to dilute this set with three or four crowdsourced links. With this approach, you will protect the site from anti-link filters Penguin and "Minusinsk" and get the maximum benefit from external signals.

The situation is somewhat different with young sites. The first month after the launch of the resource is advisable to support exclusively crowdsignals. In the future, you can gradually put it purchased unanchored links, which are placed on the sites with a good reference profile and entered without overtly commercial overtones. And only on the 4-5th month of this external mass can gradually begin to dilute the anchor links.

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