Crowd marketing: what are crowd links, their pros and cons


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Jun 12, 2022
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Today we're going to answer a few simple questions:​

What is crowdfunding marketing?​

What are crowdsites?​

Where should you place crowdservices?​

What crowdfunding services are available?​

So, crowd-marketing is a set of methods and tools aimed at placing the most natural links in the form of reviews or recommendations on third-party websites. With the help of this complex you can attract additional traffic and increase sales, as well as increase the visibility of the resource in search results.

What are crowdsourced links?​

Crowdlinks - a link in the text of recommendations or reviews on thematic sites as naturally as possible to increase brand awareness and link building.

For example: . Service with relevant links with traffic from forums, reviews, comments, articles;

Where should I place crowded links?​

  • Forums. 90% of all crowdfunding takes place on forums: there is a huge selection of sites and audience coverage.
  • Blogs. Also not a bad option, but there are many times fewer sites with open commenting and with links. Try all options!
  • Services. They work very well, as you can independently create questions and give answers to them, while attracting the target audience.

Pros and cons of crowd-links​

Any method of promotion in the network and work with crowdsourced links, has its positive and negative sides, so many people prefer to combine several options to promote sites in search engines.


  1. Attracting potential customers;
  2. A large number of sites to place crowdsourced links;
  3. Creation of a natural link profile of the site;
  4. Increase brand awareness on the Internet;
  5. Increase of traffic and sales;


  • If you place crowdsourced links in small numbers and inconsistently, the result will be almost invisible.
  • If the topic ceases to be relevant and visited, then you lose both customers and income.
  • A large percentage of links are removed by moderators, even those that look very natural.
But with the right approach can be a good success, increase traffic to your site and get targeted traffic.

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