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Jun 12, 2022
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Articles as a way to quickly promote sites: the rules of writing​

One of the most affordable methods of website promotion is considered to be writing competent articles that meet a number of conditions. This approach remains relevant for the year 2022, despite the fact that the number of Internet resources is constantly growing. Moreover, it is quality content that often determines the popularity of a site.

Why is the article promotion method effective?​

Our company StormSEO was promoting the website of a training center that dealt with job security. Its owner set the task of moving the site into a niche with resources providing services at the highest prices. Today, similar companies offer similar training for 100 usa . The owner of the training center in the example under consideration stated the need to raise this bar to 1000-2000 usd .

Such tasks limit the possibilities for promoting the resource. In particular, it is not possible to use contextual advertising for this, since the cost of training was multiply higher than the average price on the market. To fulfill these requirements, it is necessary to have articles that would "ignite" the interest of the potential audience, build trust, and solve certain problems by formulating the problem.

The main problem with such sites is that many web studios focus on creating a beautiful "picture" rather than a resource that can bring in customers. Similar views are held by customers who do not understand the issue. But how the site will bring in customers is one of the main tasks to be solved at the stage of content creation.

Successful article promotion plan​

Promotion of this site with articles was carried out according to the following plan:
  1. Collecting the semantic core.
  2. Grouping of queries and selection of keywords (phrases) for which articles will be written.
  3. Writing an article. This stage is divided into several steps. First, a general outline of the article is formed, which may require the help of an expert. Next, the task, presented in the form of terms of reference, is transferred to the copywriter. After that, the finished text is edited, and the photos (and documents, if necessary) are matched to it. At the end, the article is posted on the site.
  4. Whole site optimization.
  5. Site registration in subject directories and directories.
After that, work was done to analyze the written articles (reactions to them) and optimize (if necessary) the text. In order to expand the audience, this content was also posted on third-party sites.

Preparation of articles​

As has already been said, Google determines the order in which the site is published, taking into account the usefulness of the site. That is, articles must fully disclose the query for which they were written. Today, the search engine's main task is to provide access to resources that provide the fullest possible answer to the question posed.

This means that in order to promote the site it is not enough just to write the text, which meets the specified keywords. It is necessary that the copywriter writing the article, deeply immersed in the subject. And this, in turn, means that today you have to pay relatively big money for writing texts. It's hard to get quality articles that search engines will "consider" useful by paying 5-10 usd per 1000 characters.

Posting an article on the site​

Before posting an article, depending on the type of content is recommended to prepare:
  • tables;
  • pre-compressed photos;
  • download files
If you create a corporate site, it is recommended to take real photos. Pictures from public resources are found on many sites and can provoke negativity from visitors. Real photos evoke trust, which is very important for a corporate website.

Before placing also need to insert meta tags (Title, Description, and so on) and add links to other pages (to make the linking). It is also necessary to insert Alt tags before uploading images. After the described manipulations are completed and the article is published, you need to send it for indexing by search engines.

Thank you for your attention.​

I am the author of this article.
if you want to order the zarubezhlenie articles you can contact us by phone or pereti in the section of this forum with the service of placing articles by our team!

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