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Jun 12, 2022
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The importance of unique content on the site for search engine promotion is undeniable, but this method has several limitations. This is due to the undesirability of placing a large number of the same type of text material on a narrow-niche resource. Search engines classify such texts as spam, which not only does not help to increase the level of confidence in your resource, but can also lead to a significant regression in extradition.

Article promotion: definition and methodology​

Site promotion articles - a method of building link mass through the placement of unique articles with links to the promoted site on third-party resources. It is similar to the promotion of links, but has a number of fundamental differences. For example, this method is quite resource-intensive.

The method of promotion with articles:
  • preparing a list of keywords;
  • self-writing or buying ready-made texts;
  • Preparation of links to your site in the text;
  • search for sites on which you intend to place the finished content;
  • article placement.

Creating and distributing a list of keywords/phrases​

Articles for website promotion should be relevant to its subject and contain anchor links. The preparation of such a list is quite a long step, because poorly chosen phrases will not bring you the expected increase in traffic. Classical (academic) text nausea - a value for which there are certain recommendations. When forming a list of key phrases should be based on what budget you are willing to allocate to the article promotion. The higher it is, the greater the number of key phrases you can use, including low-frequency. They will not bring a lot of visitors, but if they are many - the total contribution will be quite significant. Yes, and the stability of finding the top 10 extradition in low-frequency order is higher.

Selection of sites for article promotion​

The choice of donors for placing articles should be approached very responsibly. At a certain stage in the development of the World Wide Web there was a period when the quality of directories was taken into account by search algorithms with a rather low coefficient of significance. This led to the emergence of resources, just flooded with outright spam.

Over time, search engines have managed to adapt: the ranking algorithms now in use severely penalize both the sites themselves with a low level of trustworthiness, and the resources placed on them.

Placement of articles​

The very article promotion of sites - it is quite a routine process that requires diligence and extreme care. To create a link portfolio that looks natural from the point of view of search engines, it is desirable to post content on a schedule, in even portions. Any burst of activity is perceived by the ranking algorithms with suspicion, and this increases the time it takes to get in the results.

The other extreme, when new articles are not posted for months, is also perceived accordingly, indicating the low popularity of the advertised resource.

Attempts to replicate content (creating similar texts with low uniqueness) - bad practice. Search engines are very respectful of original content, and the perception of non-unique content depends on many additional parameters.

If you think you thoroughly know how to promote the site articles - this is an obvious mistake. In this segment, the situation is changing very rapidly, there is often evidence of new factors that affect the ranking. Therefore, you will be required to carefully monitor the results of article placement on third-party resources. The fastest way to determine how well you have done all the preparatory work is to assess whether your articles are indexed. On trust sites, this happens within a few days.

For beginners, you can try to order the promotion of the site articles from third-party performers. The cost of this service is quite democratic (if it does not include the actual writing of the texts), and you automatically get an actual database of donors, which can be used in the future.


Article-by-article promotion of the site should not be the only way you use, although it should be recognized that its effectiveness in the absence of gross errors is quite high. In any case, this applies to relatively young sites that do not have a long history and have not had time to show themselves to search bots "in all their glory. Usually it takes at least a year.

The best option is to order the promotion of your site specialists who will write articles for your site and opujlikuyut them on third-party sites and grow link mass of your site!

If you just want to order a lot of articles write to me and I'll do everything ))))

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